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Warehowz Marketplace
Case Study

The Warehowz web application is an innovative on-demand warehousing solution matching available warehouse space and logistics services with businesses and individuals who need the services.



Warehowz has been working with Covintus since their startup phase to develop the entire platform. Today, Covintus operates as their R&D center, with no in-house software developers on the Warehowz team. One of the specialties that Covintus provided was a two-sided marketplace solution for matching logistics for businesses. Built into the solution is AI for matching, as well as customer management on both sides of the marketplace.

Warehousing & Logistics
Two-Sided Marketplace


Build a scalable marketplace solution

Warehowz had the vision to revolutionize the way logistics, supply companies, and warehouses work together, bringing businesses in need of storage and fulfillment services with quality warehouses eager to address those needs and monetize excess capacity.

Two-Sided Marketplace

Platform was required for goods depositors to seek out warehouses for available space.

Inventory Management

Users needed to have the ability to manage inventory for fulfillment orders on the platform.

Sophisticated Algorithm

Needed a robust algorithm for assigning requests to the appropriate listings.

Automated Payments

The payment process needed to be easy and automatically collect and pay to all parties.


Initial Development with need to scale with customer demand


Iterating fast to stay ahead of the market and begin rollout


largest on-demand warehouse platform

"One thing I think Covintus has solved for is making every client feel like they are the top priority. They never tell me my project is delayed because of a bigger more important client, which sometimes has happened to me with other development firms. I'm not aware of other clients; I'm not aware of other resource demands on the Covintus team. It's invisible to me."
Rich Oprinson
Chief revenue officer


here are some of the technologies used in developing the app

Node JS

Application Server is set up with Node.js for a scalable network.


MongoDB was used as the data platform for the application.

DropBox SIgn

Solution was integrated with the platform to handle contracting.


Application was hosted using
AWS EC2 and various services.


Platform was fully integrated with Salesforce and Pardot.


Stripe was integrated for a fully automated payment system.

Developers on standby
0 +


High-End Web Development Company


Seamless work together and collaboration on timelines
and feature requirements.

resource pool

Ability to provide software services beyond a fixed scope,
due to the deep pool of talent.


Expertise That Elevates The User Needs Into Practical Specifications.


use our established delivery model to out-perform in-house staff


Today, Covintus is responsible for all of the software upgrades, features and developments. The Delivery Manager of Covintus works so closely with Warehowz that when Rich Oprison, the new Chief Revenue Office, joined the team, it took him several weeks before he realized that the Delivery Manager wasn’t an employee of Warehowz, but an outsourced resource. Covintus has established a delivery management model where all of their delivery managers are trained and able to provide a level of service that can out-perform in-house staff.

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