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Top Software Development Trends To Watch Out For

As more emerging technologies come into the spotlight, the dynamics of software development are changing faster than usual. The truth is that software development standards are at an all-time high and enterprises want to adopt the most effective and newest practices. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the top software development trends in 2022:

High Software Development Standards

In 2022, many software development agencies want compliance certificates to meet international standards like ISO/IEC 27001. Remember, ISO certification is not a passing trend – it helps software development companies strengthen their market position and win over more clients.

Raising the bar allows enterprises to integrate software development services and applications flawlessly in industries like healthcare and finance. It is no wonder software quality has become one of the top priorities for developers across the world.

Evolution of Low-Code and No-Code Software Development

The trend of LCNC in software development has just started. And that’s because enterprises prefer software engineering that can simplify their development efforts. One of the hallmark elements of LNCNC solutions is that it allows anyone to create software without formal coding knowledge or expertise.

Fundamentally, LCNC is a new approach to developing software solutions and gives developers more freedom and time to focus on other software development elements. With the LCNC approach, the majority of low-code developers can develop software apps 2 times faster than software solutions created using legacy development methods. It is no wonder the valuation of the low-code development market is set to cross $45 billion by 2026.

Rise Cloud-Native Technology

Cloud-native tech is one of the rising trends in software development to make app development and team communication more seamless. What’s more is that you can store various software products within a private, public, or hybrid cloud. In fact, cloud-native technology has a multi-layered infrastructure that can support multiple servers at the same time.

And this makes it easier for enterprises to adapt cloud-native technology and speed up software development efforts. Microservices and containers are foundational elements of cloud-native solutions that make them more scalable and flexible for software development teams.

PWA in the Spotlight

Progressive Web Applications are on the rise in 2022. Many businesses now consider PWA development a suitable choice. After all, PWA can act as natural sites and conventional mobile apps. But unlike mobile apps, you don’t have to download PWAs to get the same visual appeal and enhanced user experience. Small businesses and startups have realized that PWA-based development is cost-effective.


In summary, in the tech-driven age, expect more transformative changes in the software development space. The best course of action is to lean towards the most adaptable and robust development technologies that can improve your critical processes. In retrospect, no matter how far tech comes, the role of software developers will be central to building solid web and mobile applications in the coming years.

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