The 7 Principles of Universal Design for Coders

UniversalDesignYou can’t please everyone, but you can design software that is considered valuable by the widest possible user base. That’s the idea behind Universal Design (UD), a set of best usability practices created by a coalition of architects, product designers, engineers and academic researchers.

The Center for Universal Design promotes UD for applications in housing, public facilities, outdoor equipment and all commercial products, including enterprise software and apps…

Blockchain Will Change Your Business

blockchainWhere technology is concerned, “revolutionary” is an overworked adjective. Every new innovation is the innovation, it’s exhausting; and furthermore, it’s hyperbole. Despite all that, it’s no exaggeration to say blockchain is a revolutionary technology.

“Imagine for a moment if people could coordinate themselves in a much more organic and distributed manner, just like ants. But without giving up on the complexity and the free will that is characteristic of human societies,” Primavera De Filippi began, explaining blockchain at a TEDx talk in Cambridge. “We can do that.”

Outsourcing IT: What Small Businesses Need to Consider

smbusinessownerMost small businesses in the U.S. are not tech companies. A lot are, but many aren’t. For those with businesses not predicated on technology, but still directly or indirectly dependent on it, outsourcing IT may be a better option than maintaining a full, in-house department.

And there are plenty reasons for why that is.

Some companies cite cost. The average software engineer’s salary is $80,000 plus. Network engineers are above $60,000, as are system administrators. Senior staff can reach upwards of $100,000 annually.

Understanding Your IT Department

Underutilized employees will leave your company, and if you don’t understand the capabilities of your individual IT staff, underutilization is all but inevitable. The spectrum of IT employment extends from coders and programmers to engineers and baseline tech support, all of whom can be brought on staff for any number of reasons. Each category of IT staff has a range of abilities that, if leveraged correctly, can complement your company in uniquely beneficial ways.

Here’s a breakdown of each type of IT employee: