Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important topics throughout the tech industry for good reasons. Increasing wage gaps between races and genders are shining a growing spotlight on the issue. For the tech industry, diversity and inclusion really means creating a workforce that is equitable and fair for everyone involved, not just based on what gender they are, their ethnicity or race. In fact, Atlassian’s 2017 “State of Diversity Report”revealed that several tech and software development companies overestimate their enhanced performance on the promotion of diversity and inclusion at their companies, leaving quite a few areas of opportunities. Take a look at how diversity plays out in today’s tech industry and how managers can improve it.


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Looking outside your organization for development support can save cost and time

The complexities of software development call for more than just optimizing your existing workforce. From planning the design of an application to the testing and deployment phases, software development projects can be complex even for a large IT team. While each phase and deliverable of the project may seem achievable, it’s also important to know when you should call for help. Sometimes even large software development companies need assistance.