2017 Queen’s Entrepreneur Competition

Covintus CEO Nick Bawa with QEC 2017 winners: Penta Medical.
Covintus CEO Nick Bawa with QEC 2017 winners: Penta Medical.

A key part of what makes Covintus unique is its devotion to accelerating growth of startups and small businesses. Covintus constantly reaches out to accelerator programs and pitch competitions to provide high quality capabilities to their networks that would otherwise only be available to Fortune 500 companies. On January 27th and 28th, Covintus CEO Nick Bawa had a chance to travel to Toronto, Canada and support The Queen’s Entrepreneur Competition…

The Queen’s Entrepreneur Competition (QEC) is a renowned undergraduate startup competition held in Canada. Each year, they receive submissions from around the world, and select 15 teams to pitch their business plan to a panel of industry leaders.  Over its 29-year history, the QEC has grown into an opportunity for venture capitalists, incubators, accelerators, startup support companies and mentors to network and meet with some of the best student entrepreneurs from around the world.

Recently, the QEC increased its grand prize from $25,000 to $50,000 and relocated to Toronto, which allows them to be situated in the heart of Canadian entrepreneurship and attract some of the most talented startups from across North America.

This year, Covintus provided the QEC with an additional $30,000 of in-kind sponsorships that was distributed among the Top 15 teams pitching their business plans during the QEC pitch weekend.

Mentorship and support are a huge part of launching a business. Past QEC competitors have met investors and mentors at the competition, and those connections led to tremendous growth and opportunities for their businesses.

 “The most rewarding part of the QEC is getting to meet with student entrepreneurs who are at the start of their startup journey, and veterans of the startup industry who have been launching businesses for decades. It’s inspiring to see how students are able to grow their passions into successful businesses, and how people stay involved with the entrepreneurial community even after they’ve left” said QEC Sponsorship Director Jeffrey Turnock.

The QEC also has a number of workshops, guest speakers and networking events to help build on the knowledge and resources at students’ disposal. To learn more about them, check out their website at www.theqec.com.

Covintus has been a proud sponsor of the Queen’s Entrepreneur Competition for the past two years! If you’re an accelerator program looking to provide additional support to your network, reach out to us!